Crab and Shrimp sauteed

    A spicy shrimp and crab sauteed. This dish is definitely for my seafood lovers. I omitted to remove the shrimp shell and...

    Date Milkshake

    Date is a fruit that I really did not like while growing up. I was constraint to eat it because it was healthy. Growing ...

    Beef Plantain stew

    This recipe is a modified version of the “Kondre” from Cameroon. I omitted some ingredients such as red palm oil, anis t...

    Strawberry Mascarpone Jar

    My husband asked me to do this dessert for him. At first he asked me to do a "verrine" for him which translated in Engli...
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    outside the food blog, I share my experience

    The beginning

    Most blogs start with "that's it I'm starting … after several reflections … blah blah". Not wrong at all. I was so late...