Sumbala or Soumbala is made out of seed from the Parkia Biglobosa. Parkia what? (I can imagine your faces, hahaha). Anot...

Hibiscus Cupcake

Cupcakes, those sweet little American cakes baked into a paper mold and covered with an icing. My family loves them or I...

    Crab and Shrimp sauteed

    A spicy shrimp and crab sauteed. This dish is definitely for my seafood lovers. I omitted to remove the shrimp shell and...

    Date Milkshake

    Date is a fruit that I really did not like while growing up. I was constraint to eat it because it was healthy. Growing ...
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    outside the food blog, I share my experience

    The beginning

    Most blogs start with "that's it I'm starting … after several reflections … blah blah". Not wrong at all. I was so late...