Mango Avocado salad

For this week, I came up with a colorful salad that involves fruits too. I know, lately I have been involving fruits a l...

Coconut-Mint Hot Chocolate

You probably going to wonder how I came up with this recipe so I might as well start with it. On rainy days, I like to h...

Kofta Kebab

My first time to cook a kofta kebab ever. I cooked it and was posting updates immediately on my social media. I was a bi...

Tamarind Mojito

The classic mojito is always good but having different flavors is a better. Does tamarind flavor seem to be a flavor you...
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outside the food blog, I share my experience

The beginning

Most blogs start with "that's it I'm starting … after several reflections … blah blah". Not wrong at all. I was so late...